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RAP HandRap™ Board and Film

RAP's ever-popular HandRap™ was designed to provide a solution for a wide range of chilled food-to-go products.

It’s available in a variety of shapes and sizes, all of which have two important features in common: a flat-pack design that saves on transportation costs and storage space, and unbeatable ergonomic functionality for eating on the move.

Constructed from film adhered to a profiled carton board, the HandRap™ can be made to order to suit your latest food-to-go product from sandwiches, to baguettes to wraps and tortillas.

Key Benefits:

  • Complete flexibility – we’ll design a bespoke solution to suit you
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction thanks to ergonomic functionality
  • Reduced distribution and storage costs
  • Excellent branding opportunities and product visibility
  • Environmentally responsible use of renewable materials

RAP AirRap™ Paper and Film Laminate

Combining lightweight paper and film laminate, AirRap™ represents a revolution in hot food packaging.

For the first time, it takes food from manufacture to oven to display in one process, and yet it can be run on standard flow wrapping machines.

It’s also available in hermetically sealed and modified atmosphere options for even longer shelf life.

Microwavable and ovenable up to 210°C, AirRap™ is perfect for hot food-on-the-go products such as paninis and toasties.

Key benefits:

  • Improved service times
  • Ergonomically design for maximum customer satisfaction
  • Pack cost savings on existing equivalents
  • Materials lend a natural look and feel
  • Excellent branding opportunities

RAP AirRap™ Paper and Film Laminate

Perfect for square-cut sandwiches, bloomers or other speciality sandwiches.

BagRap™ combines lightweight paper laminated to film for a more natural ‘homemade’ look and feel.

Through carefully considered design choices and material selection, we’ve been able to realise pack cost savings over existing equivalent products, without any compromise in quality, shelf impact or process convenience.

As with all our ranges, BagRap™ has been designed to offer excellent branding opportunities and good product visibility. Modified Atmosphere options are also available.

Key Benefits:

  • Fast implementation thanks to standard flow wrapping machine design
  • Pack cost savings through a reduced need for labels
  • Easy-open design offers fantastic convenience for consumer
  • Brand associations of quality and environmental responsibility
  • Unbeatable shelf impact

RAP Modified Atmosphere Food Tray™

The world’s first hermetically sealed carton food tray.

This means it supports Modified Atmosphere technology – a process whereby virtually all oxygen is removed from inside the tray to extend the life of the product.

Suitable for a wide range of chilled meals, salads and fruit salads, the RapTray™ is constructed from lightweight board and laminate film, making it 20% lighter than standard equivalents.

It features an easy-open design and a large window for great product visibility, and provides excellent branding opportunities.

Key Benefits:

  • Extended product shelf life thanks to HS and MA technology
  • Excellent environmental credentials
  • Reduced costs through use of lightweight materials
  • Increased sales and customer loyalty
  • Valuable brand associations

BCP Flute-Bake Corrugaed Board Trays

BCP have launched a Flute- Bake range of corrugated trays for the Bakery market, to replace traditional packaging such as foils and provide the market with an environmentally sound alternative.

BCPs Flute Bake Trays

  • Are suitable for use in traditional ovens.
  • Can be cooked / baked at temperatures up to 220°C.
  • Very light, extremely strong, with excellent insulating properties when handling from the oven.
  • Are made from specialised greaseproof papers ensuring grease and fat do not migrate through the packaging.
  • Are fully bio-degradable made from Virgin kraft papers.
  • Are recyclable with all of the constituent parts coming from sustainable sources.
  • Suitable for bread and cake-based products incorporating specialised materials and / or coating solutions for excellent release and grease resistant properties.
  • Can be manufactured in s, e or microflute profiles.
  • Can be printed up to 4 colours.
  • Are available in bespoke sizes and shapes, available in open-flute and standard double-faced products.
  • Special bio-degradable siliconised release coating available, allowing complete release from the tray, great for sticky products.

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