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CMActive is committed to working with partners who share our values and who aim to minimise the impact of their products on the environment. An example of this commitment is the work done by Faerch Plast in making significant strides to reduce non sustainable energy use.

Faerch Plast

In 2007 Faerch Plast established a set of targets for the next 5-year period to 2012.

  • To buy from only 100% sustainable electricity sources.
  • Weight reduction by a further 30%.
  • Task all suppliers to reduce their energy consumption by 20%.
  • To supply a truly sustainable and heart stable material for microwave applications.
  • To have the smallest Carbon Footprint in the plastic packaging business.
  • To encourage the collection and recycling of all plastic packaging in all the markets we are present.
  • To use post consumer recycled materials wherever it is technically possible, financially viable and safe in all our products.

With our fully integrated energy and environmental management systems we strive to achieve positive results through the optimization of environmental conditions. This means that we:

  • Recover waste heat from production processes in order to use it for space heating.
  • Continuously work on reducing wastage through close attention to the volume of plastic waste produced and through recovery of surplus material.
  • Constantly develop new types of environmentally friendly packaging innovations.
  • Use cold groundwater to cool the production machinery.

Some of the significant achievements FaerchPlast have made include the inclusion of up to 50% post consumer material in its APET products and 25% in its CPET range. The use of sustainable sources of electricity has risen to 21% of overall energy consumption.

FaerchPlast complements its large product range of products with packaging using PLA material


ANL Plastics

ANL has environmental accreditation to the ISO 14001 standard which it achieved in 2008.

ANL produces a wide range of products utilising environmentally friendly products such as PLA and Plantic. In addition ANL Plastics recycles virtually all of its plastics waste internally.


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