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CMActive have established partnerships with some of Europe and Americas leading packaging companies. Our partners provide over 10,000 products with new products coming out every month.

Torus Pak

Torus Pak® is the patented “Straight-to-Plate” meal packaging system with a unique feature – the meal can be presented on a plate exactly the way it is intended. 

Torus Pak's unique retractable film base with pulling tab enables the end user to transfer the meal from tray to plate within seconds, with the chef’s presentation intact.

After removing the packaging, the meal will appear freshly cooked, plated by the chef and all traces of industrial production erased.

As the top film isn’t removed during transfer of the meal, no hot steam will burn the user’s fingers, making Torus Pak a safe and convenient system.

Torus Pak opens up completely new possibilities for the whole food industry, from restaurants and caterers to the largest ready meal manufacturers, where current package solutions force end users to eat from the tray or shovel the contents onto their plates. As these solutions can’t offer an attractive presentation, the consumer acceptance of ready meals is affected in a negative way. By offering meals that are ready to be served on plates; hotels, caterers and ready meal producers can reach new markets and customers.


Sirane - Food Packaging

Based in Telford in the UK, Sirane are at the forefront of current packaging technology. Sirane offers solutions for all steps of the food journey, specialising in absorbent materials, cook-in packaging, microwave packaging along with compostable and recyclable packaging.

Sirane’s range of products includes:
Dri-Fresh® range offers numerous absorbency products.
Sira-Cook™ range allows for perfectly cooked food.
Sira-Flex™ products offer longer-lasting freshness.
Sira-Form™ offers products for enhanced presentation.
Tuff-Hold™ works as a bone-guard.
Si-bag™ the all-in-one microwave or oven bag.



Faerch Plast

Based in Holstenbro Denmark, Faerch Plast are the leading supplier of packaging for the ready meal market, providing a significant range of products manufactured in CPET, APET, PS, PP and PLA.

With well over 3000 products there is sure to be a product that meets your requirements. If you would like to know more about Faerch Plast you can click on the link below.


If you would like to find a product that meets your needs click on Faerch Plast's extensive product catalogue.




ANL Plastics

Based in Wellen, Belgium, ANL are leaders in the supply of innovative packaging ideas with;

Over 400 employees

  • 2 production sites: Wellen, Belgium en Cahors, France
  • Over 1 billion thermoformed units per year
  • Turnover > 65 million euros

    ANL provide a wide range of products into the bakery and confectionery segment in Europe including customers such as Guylan.

    ANL supply the Piramyd bakery packaging which us a unique blend of thermoformed plastics and paperboard. ANL also supply their VisiOpac range, MAP packaging that allows you to see your product while providing long shelf life.

    If you wish to view the ANL website please click on the link below



    i2r Packaging Solutions

    Based in Telford, UK, i2r Packaging Solutions manufactures a comprehensive range of wrinkle wall and smooth wall semi-rigid aluminium foil containers used throughout the food industry.

    i2r, through modern design and development has created a state of the art product that uses less aluminium but is far stronger than average aluminium trays. Poviding high quality, light weight, robust aluminium foil packaging for many leading retail brands including “Cook”, “Gastropub”, “To Cook”, “Taste the difference”, “Finest”, “Simply Cook” and “Go Cook”.

    With an ability to maintain the top dimensions of the average tray, i2r has enabled companies to change their packaging supplier without having to alter the production process, transport or shelf dimensions.

    A company built on customer service, the experienced team at i2r places great importance on communication. i2r and CMActive listen to your needs and then we keep you up to date on the production process. We work with our partners and share relevant information.

    CMActive and i2r are also able to provide also a comprehensive wrinkle wall range

    If you wish to view the i2r website please click on the link below


    Pactiv Corporation

    Pactiv Corporation is a leader in the consumer and foodservice/food packaging markets it serves.

    With 2009 sales of $3.4 billion, Pactiv derives more than 80 percent of its sales from market sectors in which it holds the No. 1 or No. 2 market-share position.

    Pactiv’s foodservice/food packaging offering is one of the broadest in the industry, including both custom and stock products in a variety of materials.

    If you wish to view the Pactiv website please click on the link below



    Coveris Food Packaging

    Coveris (formerly Pregis Rigid Packaging and Kobusch) is one of the leading providers of thermoformed plastic packaging for the food service industry in the UK and Europe.

    Their comprehensive range of packaging will meet all of the food service needs now associated with our busy lifestyles.

    They are dedicated to the challenge of improving recycling levels of plastic in order to lessen their impact on the environment. The majority of their packaging is made from PET which is completely recyclable.

    If you wish to view the Pregis website please click on the link below


    PWP Packaging with Perfection

    PWP are one of the leading companies in the bakery, snack food, grocery store, produce, foodservice and confectionery industries in the United States.

    Thier packing solutions are utilized in hundreds of retail outlets. From the beginning of its history, PWP has been dedicated to being a leader in innovation, quality, and customer service in the food packaging industry.

    PWP Industries has one of the USA's largest APET packaging production facilities under one roof. In April of 2010, PWP was acquired by the Pactiv Corporation.

    If you wish to view the PWP website please click on the link below



    BCP Fluted Packaging

    BCP is a very well established company with a history dating back 75 years. Its growth strategy over the past 10 years has included a consistent product innovation programme which now provides packaging solutions across a diverse range of market sectors, including

    • Food packaging (susceptor, greaseproof) for Food-To-Go
    • Bakery
    • Insulated paper cup wraps
    • Perfume & Cosmetic Liners

    BCP operates within the corrugated paper market, but not in traditional, commodity driven sectors: our point of difference is in the functionality and presentational qualities – using fluting as insulation against heat, and for safety and rigidity.

    BCP & Design – Design within BCP is a fundamental part of the commercial process and BCP have an experienced team of Designers and CAD/CAM system to offer their customers assistance in developing bespoke packaging solutions and samples. Our Design team work closely with our vastly experienced production team to ensure our quality is second to none.

    If you wish to view the PWP website please click on the link below



    Alexir Packaing

    Founded in 1997, to exploit the packaging designs of Julian Money, RAP has become the market leader in food-to-go packaging.

    They combine technical, creative and commercial expertise to design and manufacture revolutionary food packaging that delights and influences consumers.

    They help their customers sell more by creating inspiring and exciting new food packaging products with valuable branding opportunities to convert at the point of sale.

    A truly global organisation, They are headquartered in London with their design and technical centre. They also have manufacturing capabilities in Ireland and the ability to distribute on a global basis.

    They continue to help their customers increase sales by creating inspiring and exciting new food packaging products with valuable branding opportunities to convert at the point of sale.

    With a strong emphasis on research and development, They have also invested heavily to develop new features that add value for both brands and consumers. Many of these features are patent-protected, and represent some of the most game-changing breakthroughs in fresh food packaging in recent years.

    If you wish to view the RAP website please click on the link below




    Glades International 

    If you wish to view the Glades website please click on the link below


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