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Fresh Meat & Fish

Packaging for Fresh Meat & Fish

CMActive have access to a wide selection of high barrier Modifed Atmosphere Packaging plus a range of standard trays that all provide excellent presentation in refrigerated supermarket shelves. They can be provided in a range of materials and come in a variety of colours and shapes.

Products from Færch Plast are also available with a Supporter® base pattern, which gives a better oxidation of the underside of the meat. The trays can also be supplied with fitted absorbers.


APET/MAPET® from Faerch Plast is a glass clear highbarrier material which is also available in a range of colours. It is eminently suitable for food products where maximum exposure of the product is desired.

APET/MAPET® is tough with good impact strength.

APET/MAPET® trays contain up to 50% post consumer recycled plastic in the middle layer. All raw materials used, including recycled ones, are certified suitable for food contact packaging. Faerch Plast complies with regulations about functional barriers, where national regulation legislates accordingly on the use of recycled plastic.

APET/MAPET® has excellent barrier properties, and can therefore be top-sealed for MAP prepacking.

Faerch trays are also available with a Supporter® base pattern, which gives a better oxidation of the underside of the meat. The trays can also be supplied with fitted absorbers.


Standard Trays

Faerch Plast also provide an extensive range of standard trays for use with all meat & fish products.

Trays are available in APET, PP, PS & PLA in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes


Smooth Wall Alluminium Foils

PP is produced in two varieties. Ho-PP is transparent and more rigid than Co-PP, which unlike Ho-PP is contact-clear, and has a softer and more flexible structure. The two types of material are used at different temperatures. Co-PP can be used below freezing point whereas Ho-PP is suitable for use to a minimum of +20 C. Both materials are suitable for heating food in microwave ovens.



ANL provide a range of polypropylene ready meal containers that allow improved visual appeal, Through the use of their VisiOpac system ANL can provide microwaveable trays with a clear lid allowing your customers to see what you want to sell, your product!

With VisiOpac®, ANL Plastics developed a new packaging concept where a dome packaging (with bottom & lid) is sealed gastight. Foodmakers can print the sealing ring to improve brand image and visibility of their product.

ANL provides an alternative to the “out of home” meal consumption. Important in this market trend, is the extending of the storage life in combination with a beautiful product presentation.

The concept was rewarded with the Oscar de l’Emballage in France in 2004.

VisiOpac® Alu

Product Concept

Variation on the VisiOpac® theme: combination of a smooth wall aluminium base, APET lid and a printable paper sealing ring

Product Application

MAP pack for ready-to-cook meals.

Product Advantages

  • Suitable for traditional oven
  • Promotional value of the printable sealing ring
  • Perfect visibility of the packed product
  • Hygiene

Fresh Meat & Fish
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